Change your identity legally. Disappear completely, get social security number, driver’s license, and birth certificate too.

There are many reasons a person may need to create a new identity. Some reasons involve personal and family safety, such as escaping from an abusive spouse/parent, hiding from a stalker, or protecting yourself and your family from a criminally insane person that is trying to kill you. Changing your name and relocating does not always provide the amount of protection you may need. Legally changing your name must be done through the court system, and can lead the very people you are running from right to you. In the past, when someone needed to disappear, they often obtained a name change and relocated to a different area, then lived their lives in fear of whoever was threatening them showing up on their doorstep. Not anymore!

Perhaps, your reason for creating a new identity does not involve a life or death situation. Some people seek to live an anonymous life for other reasons, such as escaping the law or hiding from creditors and debtors. Some people even want to create new identities in an effort to escape child or spousal support. Up until recently, an individual wishing to escape their current life had to use the same method as above, and in most cases, it was only a matter of time before they were caught. Not anymore!

The book, “Live Anonymously and Privately – Create a New Identity”, can be found at, and shows you a revolutionary method that allows you to instantly obtain a new identity that is legal, untraceable, and actually allows you to live anonymously, without fear of being found. This new method is so effective that no private individual will be able to track you down. The only way for someone to find you is if you reveal you location and identity to the person.

If you need to create a new identity and a new life in order to protect your family or simply to escape from an old way of life, this book shows you a step-by-step method that allows you to instantly disappear from the face of the earth and reappear with a new life that no one can trace, not even the police. No matter what your reason, this is the most effective and safest way to assume a new identity and provide your family with everything they need to start a new life, without giving up the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Don’t let the old methods keep you from giving your family the fresh start they deserve. Learn how you can leave without a trace at

About the Author:

This book’s author currently has over 30 legally assumed identities. Not only is he living under these assumed identities, but he has also studied every other expert’s materials on this subject. You will learn all the methods used by the smartest identity changers that ever existed.


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